All About Sowing and Harvesting Cucumbers

| 6/28/2018 8:58:00 AM

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Some cucumbers, often called ‘ridge cucumbers’, can be grown outdoors in cooler climates, and are often rough or spiny-skinned. Greenhouse cucumbers produce smoother fruits but do require extra warmth and protection for success. There are also varieties that can be grown both inside and out.

Sowing Cucumbers

Sow cucumbers into small pots of seed starting or general-purpose potting mix. Either start them in a propagator, or wait until late spring. Cucumbers need temperatures of at least 68ºF to germinate.

Sow two seeds about an inch deep, then water well. Once the seedlings appear, remove the weakest to leave one per pot.

Growing Greenhouse Cucumbers

Plant greenhouse cucumbers in beds, large containers, or growing bags. Train the vines up supports such as bamboo canes, vertical wires, or trellis. Pinch out the growing tips when they reach the top of their supports to encourage side shoots. Pinch out the side shoots after each developing fruit so that two leaves remain beyond each fruit.

Don’t allow cucumber plants to dry out. Fertilize them every two weeks with a high-potassium liquid fertilizer.

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