New Vegetables for Your Spring Garden

Our Facebook fans tell us about their favorite additions to their spring gardens!

| March 7, 2014

New Vegetables

Adding new vegetables to your spring garden, such as kohlrabi, kale, and arugula can reinvigorate your diet and your green thumb.

Photo by Fotolia/Mykola Velychko

It's a root, it's a tuber — no, it's a super stem! No matter which part of it you fancy, kohlrabi, cabbage's "crazy cousin," is a tasty addition to any veggie garden. We have toyed with idea of adding some kohlrabi (aka "space cabbage"!) to our office garden, with the goal of making tasty kohlrabi fries and "kohl" slaw (find both recipes in the article below). This got us wondering about what new vegetables our Facebook fans are branching out and growing in their spring gardens. They responded with a remarkable assortment of delicious vegetables, both “exotic” and staples. After you check those out, see our profile of kohlrabi. You're probably going to want some of it in your spring garden, too!

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Deanna Anderson We grew arugula and put some in salad and then dried some out as a spice to add to pastas and sauces.

Rebecca Tosh Xayasith I'm trying different mints this year. Spearmint, I have had in the past, but now I have chocolate, pineapple and apple mints.

Barbara Rees I'm growing celery and kale for the first time.

Nell Wade I’m trying Portuguese Cabbage for the first time. Have never cooked with it either, so any suggestions would be most appreciated!

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