Vegetables Front and Center

| April/May 2006

Vegetables Front and Center

Veggies on the cover of Mother Earth News? What a nice surprise. I was beginning to wonder if I had subscribed to People magazine. Thank you for omitting the celebrities from this issue. It was wonderful to read helpful articles about fencing, gardening, farming and more, without having to waste my time flipping past the famous-people stories. Hope you publish more magazines like this outstanding issue.

Terry White
Sprague River, Oregon

Celebrities Welcome

Keep up the wonderful way you are incorporating stars of film and television who are promoting and supporting environmental protection and betterment for all of us on this fragile gift we are given called EARTH.

James Carlson Jr.
Paw Paw, Illinois

Recruiting Allies

I am a longtime subscriber to Mother. I would like to respond to the complaints regarding articles about celebrities. I have a feeling that some people who would not otherwise pick up a copy of Mother may just do so to read such an article, and may just read some of the other articles, and even may think more about their choices as a result of it. Sounds like a good hope to me. Keep at it, Mom.

Jan Mills
Banks, Oregon

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