Uses for Over-Sized Zucchini

| 7/13/2015 9:28:00 AM

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Zucchini plants in your garden can be generous producers, but they can also create zucchini overload. Zucchini seem to grow overnight. Are you wondering what to do with your oversized zucchini? With a few zukes growing to size every couple days, things can get crazy quickly. Pick your zucchini every other day and you will have delicate little zukes that grill up beautifully. Grow too many plants, and you will inevitably miss a few and grow some very nice baseball bats along the way. 

You’ve heard all the niceties about zucchini’s prolific nature. You can sit and watch them grow. Shut your windows and lock your doors when you visit our farm during zucchini season, or you may take home a load. That makes people happy at first. Until they have a few too many plants of their own. Then they will definitely lock their doors. You feel like your refrigerator will fill to busting with zucchini. It can reach emergency proportions.

At our farm, we have a lot of zucchini plants to supply our CSA community. We can’t always manage the every other day picking regime, but the zucchini never stop growing. They won’t let you take a vacation or a break at all. Sometimes you just can’t be there. Longer than three days, they grow tough and thick-skinned. And the ones you missed by accident, the ones hiding from you on purpose, get REALLY big. Those are the baseball bats, large enough to do damage. Even the most fastidious picker will miss a few. So, I offer to you, 13 things to do with an oversized zucchini:

1. Oversized zucchini make great farm signs or birthday cards. Carve into the skin.

2. Make zucchini-crusted pizza.

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