Uses for Green Tomatoes

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In fall, I often have an abundance of green tomatoes on my vines, and don’t want them to go to waste. What are some uses for green tomatoes?

You can ripen your green tomatoes by wrapping them in newspaper (read more at Ripen Green Tomatoes Using Newspaper Wrap), or savor green tomatoes in all their glory with these flavorful green tomato recipes collected from the online MOTHER EARTH NEWS Archive.

Green Tomato Pickles Recipe. When you’ve run out of uses for green tomatoes, try pickling them! By preserving them, you’ll be able to enjoy their goodness in every season. Go to Preserving Garden Tomatoes and Tomato Recipes.

Green Tomato Relish Recipe. This green tomato relish is tasty and simple, and requires only a few ingredients. Go to Green Tomato Relish Recipe.

Green Tomato Mincemeat Recipe. This mixture is a great base for baking projects, including pies, pastries and cookies. Go to Green Tomato Mincemeat.

Fried Green Tomatoes Recipe With a Cheesy Crust. Boost fried green tomatoes by adding hard grated cheese to the breadcrumb mixture. The cheese will meld with the crumbs and add a delicious twist to this classic recipe. Go to Fried Green Tomatoes With a Cheesy Crust.

Roasted Green Tomatoes. Roasted green tomatoes can be eaten alone or used to amplify the flavor of other foods — the tomatoes’ bright, zesty flavor makes a great addition to salsas, soups, pizza, pasta or bread. Go to Roasted Green Tomatoes.

Curried Green Tomatoes. This unique alternative to fried green tomatoes is easy to make. Go to Best Tomato Recipes.

Thai Green Tomatoes With a Coconut Crust. Try this Eastern twist on a Southern favorite. The zing from limes and chiles complements the natural tang of the green tomatoes, and the crunchy coconut balances the heat. Go to Thai Green Tomatoes with a Coconut Crust.

Above: Don’t toss your green tomatoes! Fry them up for a tasty treat.

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