Use Your Chickens as Compost Workers

| 5/1/2016 11:26:00 AM

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Chickens Working IN Compost 

On our self-sustaining, 13-acre mountain retreat, it is a priority to maintain a self-contained, resourceful, and organic homestead. When we incorporated chickens into the mix, we were pleased not just with the daily egg production and Mr. Rooster waking us up every morning, but we discovered the usefulness of them as our compost helpers.

If you have backyard chickens and you are not using them as composters and you have a garden, you are missing a valuable resource right at your fingertips. There are so many benefits to using your chickens, and it’s such a natural process for composting.

Benefits of Composting with Chickens

We save tons of money on chicken feed. Our hens are feasting on high-protein bugs, microbes, fresh sprouts daily from the pile. The quality of our egg production has increased, and the health of our chickens is exceptional.

They also love working on the compost, and it keeps them busy during the day. In the winter, the pile provides added heat to their area.

We also find that the compost decomposes more quickly because their continued efforts facilitate the composting process. They scratch and tear and work at the pile all day long. While doing so, they also add their own droppings to the pile, which is an additional bonus.

5/9/2016 11:37:52 AM

This is a fascinating article!! No longer will we have to spend the big bucks feeding ever hungry chickens!! We have been wondering why our free range chickens have been hanging out under our rabbit hutches eating their compost!! We can now use the rabbit compost for the chickens and gardens!! Thanks Mr. and Mrs. Hilder!! Regards, Tom Hemme

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