Use Eggshells for Garden Slug Control

Learn how to use eggshells for garden slug control. Crushed eggshells around your garden plants keep slugs away.

| August/September 2007

Learn how to use eggshells for garden slug control.

Learn how to use eggshells for garden slug control.

Photo by Fotolia/Andi Taranczuk

Need to keep slugs away? Use eggshells for garden slug control, the sharp edges prevent slugs from taking over your garden.

Use Eggshells for Garden Slug Control

I’ve been gardening organically for many years in our Zone 6b region. I note that people are always asking and writing about getting rid of slugs. The general response is beer, copper, diatomaceous earth, bait and traps.

I’ve been practicing a method with eggshells and have found it to be 100 percent effective. My chickens provide me with the best eggs ever and after using the eggs, I rinse out the shells, let them dry and store them in a coffee can. After the can is full, I put them in an old food processor and grind them up. I sprinkle them around my flowers, veggies, etc. Slugs will not crawl across them. Also, the eggshells provide the mineral benefit of calcium for my garden!

I realize that some people compost or crush eggshells by hand, but with the food processor, they’re quite manageable and don’t nick and cut your hands. Also, it makes it easier to distribute the shells around plants.

joseph o'hanlon
7/25/2009 8:10:13 AM

Honiest! Just as I was asking my wife to start saving all the egg's she use's so I can use them for my garden,I was sitting at the computer at the time and hhen I turned around,there you were explaining your process of how you use your eggs . > Also over the years I have tried everything one place I lived at was so bad I littlerely had to go out every nite and pick them off the plants and the couple hundres I gathered there had to be a couple hundred I missed.To end my rambleing "YES",eggshells are the trick to keeping any slug problem,away from your garden HONEST! > Thank-You For Your Time, > Sincerely:Joe O'Hanlon

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