A Perfect Ending to the Ultimate Garden Giveaway

| 5/13/2011 3:04:25 PM

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Sometimes in life, the stars align, and things work out exactly as they should. When I read the story of Kriste Misiak, the recent winner of the MOTHER EARTH NEWS Ultimate Garden Giveaway, my heart swelled and I had to sit back to smile.

Misiak family 

Kriste, her husband and their five children are a Michigan farm family, doing what they can to produce enough homegrown food to feed themselves and give some away to help those in their community.

When Kriste, a long-time MOTHER reader, received word that she’d won the exciting — and extensive — batch of prizes (see below for the complete list), she said she was in shock. After the shock wore off a little, she wrote a letter to our publishing company to tell us more about her family and express her thanks. Her story is definitely worth sharing:

My husband and I live on 34 acres and have five children. We enjoy growing as much food as we can for our family, friends and local charities. Our farm is not certified organic, but we grow without chemical pesticides. (Yes, we hand pick all those bugs.) Therefore, I know our vegetables, chicken and beef are more nutritious. 

I believe everyone should have access to these types of food. With the kids to help, we bagged one ton of potatoes to deliver to our local St. Vincent de Paul. Other vegetables and eggs we take to our local soup kitchen. 

Tippy Dickinson
5/14/2011 7:06:15 AM

Congratulations! It brings me great joy in knowing that a family that's already giving back to their community is rewarded for their compassion!

Don C. Bower
5/14/2011 5:26:45 AM

Congrads to Kriste and her family,sounds like the right person won.If you just look you can find good in these tough times.

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