The Sun2Soil Employment and Crop Starter System

| 7/14/2017 10:40:00 AM

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Explore the “Sun2Soil R&D Network” - including,, and Willi Paul Studio /

The Sun2Soil employment and crop starter system is asking for your support to fund agricultural testing and on-site research. Our goal is to test and produce the recipe for the membrane for small community farmers and food forests. Please check-out the campaign site for project goals and rewards for contributing to Sun2Soil at (7/12 – 8/31/17).

A companion site in the Sun2Soil R&D Network is the Regeneration Hub, a project that connects project holders, individuals, funders and communities to solve global challenges through regenerative practices. This is a long-term collaboration.

We are also networking with, an open-source digital platform where you and other changemakers can share skills, knowledge of community organizations and projects to help regenerate the world.

Finally, please view the project video and read about the “Sun2Soil - Dissolving Nutri-Membrane (SSDNM) - A Perm-Tech Innovation” vision (below) from Willi Paul Studio /

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