The Stripped-Down Approach to Starting a Garden (with Video)

| 5/18/2016 10:09:00 AM

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Producing one’s own food is a big part of what it means to become more self-sufficient and sustainable. However, starting a garden can really be intimidating for some folks. If you haven’t grown plants before, it’s easy to assume there are magic secrets and insider tips to get anything to grow at all.

Looking for facts about starting a garden online can be a big dead end because of the overwhelming amount of information out there. Self-proclaimed “expert gurus” delve so deeply into obscure techniques that the beginner is lost in the middle. They can become overwhelmed with information and tragically give up their dreams of having a garden before they even try.

starting a garden for beginners

We find it upsetting that people are giving up their gardens without even starting. We wrote this post because we hope to dispel some of the myths that surround starting a garden. We think it's a lot more simple than people make it. Our techniques should give you some confidence to get over being afraid and start putting your own seeds in the ground.

Obviously we aren't garden experts, but we use a strategy that has really worked for us in the past. So, what's that secret technique? Here it is! We prepare some soil, plunk seeds down into it, and then add water. Eventually, things (or most things) begin to grow! Honestly, it's just that simple.

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