The Spiritual Side of Growing Your Food

| 5/8/2011 8:24:14 PM

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A post by Maria Rodale called A Harvest of Healing got me thinking about how gardening and growing your own food is much more than what you harvest.

One line that really resonated with me was, “With gardening, we harvest more than food and flowers; we harvest health and healing.”

Rodale explains everything that’s involved with gardening from a physical standpoint including the weeding, planting, water transport and shoveling. It keeps you active and your body moving.

Since I’m apartment gardening, I don’t get as much of a workout, but my fire escape garden did prove to be an adventure sport.

It’s not a complete cakewalk though on my balcony garden. Since I’m on the second floor, I do need to carry the containers filled with water to empty them out.

Rodale also spoke of the food and nutritional value of gardening. Since you are growing your own food, you know what’s going into it and can make those decisions.

The spiritual aspects of gardening are also discussed. This is something that I think gets lost on a lot of people. As I get more involved in doing this I think there is something to be said about putting your hands in soil, caring for something and being responsible for it to grow. By doing this we become more connected with the earth and nature.

When I started out I just want to grow my own food, but it’s become much more than that to me. This is true especially when it comes to the spiritual aspect of it. I can honestly say that I feel more connected and appreciative for the food that I grow and for any food that I consume.

This is why that I say that I believe that people should grow just one vegetable and it will change the way they think.

What else is gardening to you?

5/20/2011 5:00:41 PM

At a interview for a kindergarten teacher at the waldorf school in eugine oregon i was ask .if i wanted to iron my dresses. I told them i wil, after every child has a garden and i would still have time I got the job, and every child got a garden We had only a small concreet play yard.,4 tires to put left over lunches in. a bag of earth to cover the food . so on and on til the tires were full. Then we put buckweed seeds on it, and in 2 weeks the children could eat them..Growing there food they learned more then just gardening. the circle of live and that all is conected. Here is the song and dance, I teach many people children love it.. The sun comes up and the sun go down, earth is spinning round and round.I love you and you love me,that how simple live can be, when you not so sure,and you want to know. Plant a seed and wach it grow. i got more wisdom from the plants then from the 6 years of universety. eccept both never give me the good always nani

mike lieberman
5/10/2011 9:59:26 PM

@Rosalie Absolutely concur. @TheNature It is the highest form of entertainment. @Saphire Thank you for sharing.

rosalie robison
5/10/2011 5:10:30 PM

Gardening is joyous. It makes me smile. I am happy working the soil, watching seeds emerge, nurturing plants through their life cycles, getting dirty. To see the harmony between bees, insects, birds and butterflies in the garden is wondrous. Interacting with nature is more spiritual than attending a religious service inside a structure.
5/10/2011 4:16:45 PM

Gardening has really been a wonderful experience for me. I got into it after our son left home. I guess I needed to nurture something as a mother. I never thought of it that way until a short while ago when I realized how much I talk to my plants and how much I like to just "tidy them up" by taking away any dried leaves, etc. It's like cleaning your child's face before you leave to shop, right? It's such a rewarding experience and I never would have thought so. I grew up in a 3rd floor apt. My room had the fire escape which looked out to some maple trees. My "yard" was a tar-paper roof where my mom hung the wash. Quite a different setting from now where we have an acre Wildlife Habitat garden. There's the real motivation ... knowing my work provides food, water, cover and nesting areas for birds and wildlife. Who needs entertainment?

5/10/2011 1:35:16 PM

I created my first garden 3 summers ago. I was deeply depressed and very lonely. I had a major relationship just end. My garden became my best friend (along with my landlord's dog!). Every day I went into it. Babied it. Nourished it. Loved it. And in turn, I had a daily surprise. Daily love back from it. It saved my life that summer.

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