Tapping Maple Trees Using Natural Sumac Spiles, Part 1

| 11/7/2016 9:38:00 AM

Tags: tapping trees, sumac bushes, maple syrup, home syruping, maple syrup, natural sweeteners, Susan Tipton Fox, North Carolina,


Being a sustainable farm first, most of the projects we try are for our needs and then we think about how we can offer the product or idea to the public. Most of the time we will use it in an on-farm workshop or use it in a demonstration for a Mother Earth News Fair event. Such was the case with our Maple Syrup project.

Living on this property, I had passed two huge maple trees (one was a sugar maple, the other was not) day in and day out. I often wondered how could they be utilized — they were so big and bold and there!

I thought about making homemade maple syrup. I knew there was a lot of equipment and expense associated with this process. I also didn’t want those tap lines running all over the place. That’s when I went back to my roots. I knew maple syrup was made here (Western North Carolina) years ago, and there wasn’t all that fancy equipment that’s available today.

So, how could we do this in an economical, environmentally friendly and productive way? This is where the idea of Agri-tourism gets “sweeter”.

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