Sweet Potatoes at a Glance

By Staff

Sweet Potatoes at a Glance

Try planting orange-fleshed sweet potatoes for their exceptionally high source of vitamin A, white-fleshed varieties for their creamy flesh, or purple-fleshed sweet potatoes for their superior nutrition and exotic color.

December 2013/January 2014

By Barbara Pleasant

Sweet potatoes (Ipomoea batatas) are highly nutritious, taste great in a wide variety of recipes, and store better than most other crops. See the chart below to find the best sweet potato variety for your garden. Learn more about organic sweet potato cultivation in All About Growing Sweet Potatoes.

Types Description Recommended Varieties

Popular and nutritious, orange sweet potatoes have moist flesh, and the available varieties suit a range of climates. ‘Beauregard’ (90 to 100 days)
‘Georgia Jet’ (90 to 95 days)
‘Nancy Hall’ (120 days)

The creamiest sweet potatoes have white flesh with less moisture than orange sweet potatoes. They’re an excellent substitute for regular potatoes. ‘Bonita’ (90 to 100 days)
‘O’ Henry” (90 to 100 days)
‘Sumor’ (100 to 110 days)

Originating in Asia, purple sweet potatoes need a long growing season, but can produce huge yields of straight, starchy tubers that can be stored until spring. ‘All Purple’ (120 days)
‘Stokes Purple’ (120 days)
‘Violetta’ (120 days)
 Locate sources for these sweet potato varieties with our Seed and Plant Finder

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