Supporting Roles in the Garden and Flowering Annual Vines of Summer

| 7/26/2012 1:22:40 PM

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Lorene Edwards Forkner bamboo support

Supporting Roles in the Garden  

Any heartfelt passion has its control issues and gardening is no exception. Nurseries and garden centers stock elaborate devices for staking, tying up plants, trussing tomatoes, and restraining plant growth. But, put these gadgets in place when they should be – that is, well before plants burst into growth – and the garden quickly starts looking like a scantily-clad, pretty girl wearing only foundation garments; it’s hard to see anything but the support.  

On the other hand, anyone who has tried to right a toppled delphinium after a summer cloudburst or revive flattened peonies after a stiff wind – or a dog – has swept through the garden knows it’s almost impossible to navigate crowded beds without doing more damage than you set out to repair. The resulting tangle of twine, sticks and awkward plants-in-bondage paints a picture every bit as painfully self-conscious as half-naked artifice. 

Enter attractive easy to assemble garden structures that attractively stake, prop and gently guide plants while never stealing the spotlight from the beautiful garden starlets they support. As an encore, these simple structures provide valuable vertical growing space for plants that might otherwise smother the ground and steal the scene.

Flowering Annual Vines of Summer

Lorene Edwards Forkner flowering vines Easy to grow, lush foliage, bountiful blooms and nearly instant impact all in a single growing season – what’s not to like?! Here are some of my favorites: 

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