Sun-Lite for Solar Greenhouse Application

| 2/20/2012 12:21:15 PM

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Sun Lite SCC
The spectral performance of Sun-Lite is very favorable to plant growth and development in the three important ranges of ultraviolet, visible, and infrared (IR) transmission.

Sun-Lite, available in rolls or as pre-fabricated panels from Solar Components Corporation, transmits ultraviolet in the 0.33 to 0.38 micron range (from about 5% at 0.33 to 85% at 0.38). Sun-Lite screens out the harsh UV rays, which cause stem elongations, collapse, and discoloration. The transmitted UV helps control viral and bacterial populations.

Sun-Lite transmits over 90% of the available energy in the visible range (0.38 to 0.76 microns). This portion of the spectrum, and especially the red and blue sections, is essential to the process of photosynthesis by which plant cells change carbon dioxide and water into sugar in the presence of chlorophyll. Low intensity light and darkness upset this process and lead to partially developed stems, leaves, and tissue.

Sun-Lite transmits most of the short wave infrared (0.76 to 2.2 microns) and blocks most of the long wave infrared energy (2.2 to 50 microns). The short wave infrared energy provides heat, which helps create optimum temperature for seed and plant growth by heating the air and soil surrounding the plants. Short wave IR is usually converted to long wave IR when it strikes an object. By blocking most of the long wave IR, the Sun-Lite is helping to keep the heat in the greenhouse. The “greenhouse effect” is particularly desirable in the wintertime use of a greenhouse.

Sun-Lite HP (glass fiber reinforced polymer) for greenhouse glazing provides the excellent diffused light which completely floods the inside of the growing area. Well-shaped, symmetrical plants, which grow faster with greater size, uniformity, and quality result from diffused light which is free of shadows, glare, sun-shafts and hot spots. The need for frequent re-racking is eliminated as the light reaches all corners, under rafters, even under benches.

Literature and samples are available.

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