Preparing for Spring: New Seed Varieties and a New Herbs Book

Through the winter of 1981, gardeners had new seed varieties and a new herbs book to comtemplate as they began preparing for spring.

| January/February 1981

Chill winter rules the slumbering garden. In many parts of the country, the soil snuggles beneath thick blankets of snow. Dull whites, grays, and browns mark the triumph of the cold dominion. But by the warm glow of blazing fires, homes across the land are preparing for spring, the pages of seed catalogs filling imaginations with vernal fantasies of color and fragrance.

New Seed Varieties for 1981

One of the real pleasures of gardening is planting some of the "new and improved, best ever, grows taller (or smaller) and bears over a longer period (or all at once)" seed varieties that are featured in the seed catalogs each year. We have been receiving advance notice of some of the newcomers. So here, for your planning and planting pleasure, are the introductions for 1981!

Burpee is offering five new vegetable and fruit varieties for the forthcoming season. Green Goliath Broccoli matures over a three-week period, and sets side shoots after the center heads have been harvested.

The Streamliner Hybrid Cucumber is a compact plant that sets ten-inch fruit in unusual quantity ... thanks chiefly to the fact that all the blossoms are female. (Of course, a plant or two of a pollinating variety must be grown with the hybrid ... but Burpee includes such seeds in each packet.) Streamliner Is mosaic and mildew resistant, and should be a real hit with wholistic gardeners.

Honeydew melon fans will want to try the VenusHybrid Muskmelon , a short-season (88-day) delicacy with bright green flesh that has all the sweetness and aroma of a honeydew. And—because Venus slips easily from the vine when it's ready for picking—there's never any question as to whether the succulent melons are ripe.

Finally, Burpee has come up with a worthy successor to its famous Big Early tomato. Look for Early PickHybrid VF, which adds disease resistance and higher yield to the outstanding flavor of Big Early. The fruit of this husky indeterminate plant will begin to ripen in about 62 days.

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