Seed Selection for the Homestead Garden

| 1/26/2016 12:06:00 PM

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Planning and tending to a summer garden is a year long process. Because many seeds can be started indoors weeks before the last frost date, late winter is the time to make decisions about what you will grow. For the beginning homesteader. this can be a daunting task.

This article strives to make the seed-selection process a little easier by going through the seeds I have bought to use in my garden at my historic Appalachian homestead.

gardenThe garden prep process began for me in the fall when I laid down a thick layer of leaves over the soil. These will break down by spring time and add a thin layer of humus. The garden has been sitting more or less neglected since then, but we have been diligently producing compost in our kitchen in our worm bin system.


The Four Seed Catalogs for My Selection

Johnnies Selected Seeds: the most "commercial" catalog I have, with an emphasis on marketable products for farms rather than the backyard gardener. Biggest selection, but fewer rare heirloom plants and not as fun to page through.

Seed Savers Exchange: a catalog of "heirloom, untreated, non-hybrid, non GMO seeds" that is big, beautiful and a delight to browse. The plant descriptions give a lot of back history about where each variety originated.

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