Seed Savers Exchange Conference and Campout: A Photo Review

| 7/25/2012 4:55:31 PM

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The Seed Savers Exchange has a long history in the realm of heirloom seeds and gardening. From outreach and education to technical support and preservation, this non-profit organization manages one of the most stunning seed collections in the world, full of unique heirloom seed varieties handed down from generations of seed savers and gardeners.

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of attending the 32nd Annual Seed Savers Exchange Conference and Campout at Heritage Farm in Decorah, Iowa. With presentations by John Navazio of the Organic Seed Alliance, Seed Savers Exchange Co-Founder and author of Gathering Diane Ott-Whealy, Edible Landscaping author Rosalind Creasy, and several others, there was much to learn and share all weekend long. The campers witnessed an heirloom seed display, learned about regional seed libraries, dug up an old-fashioned bean hole, toured the display and preservation gardens, and so much more. Below are a few photos of the fun- and education-packed weekend’s events. 

Seed Swap Seed Savers 

One of the lasting traditions of the Seed Savers Exchange conference is the annual seed swap. The tables were bustling with folks sharing seeds from their gardens, discussing the growth habit of one melon versus another, and determining a fair trade for a fistful of seeds of one variety for the next. There was also a presentation about how to host a seed swap as one of the weekend's events, so people could learn how to host their own local swap.

Corn Hand Pollination 

Several hands-on workshops, such as the corn hand pollination workshop pictured above, helped seed savers attending the conference learn the best way to save genetically pure seed in their home garden.

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