Grow Easy Care Salad Greens in Winter

Discover these easy care salad greens you can grow in your garden all winter long with no maintenance involved.

| November/December 1977

Learn how to grow these easy care salad greens in your garden all winter long.

Grow Winter Salad Greens

"Well sir, I'll tell you," said my neighbor, Wulf Knausenberger, when I asked him about the luxurious thicket of peppery edible leaves crowding the banks of his homestead's everflowing spring.

"I was out walkin' one day when I noticed some wild watercress in a stream, and I thought it'd be kinda nice if I had a little growin' here on my place. So I pulled up a few plants, brought 'em home, and planted 'em there in the spring. That was years ago and, ever since then, I've always had an abundance of watercress salad greens . . . not just in the fall and spring, but all winter too. Even when the temperature plunges well below zero, I can still count on that cress."

"How is that possible?" I asked.

"Oh, it's no problem at all. That spring water comes out of the ground at a constant 550 degrees Fahrenheit . . . which keeps the plants from freezin', no matter how cold the weather might get. Sure, when the thermometer dips down to zero or lower, the top leaves of the cress do turn a little dark . . . but I've never seen 'em frostbitten."

And so began my love affair with watercress . . . a plant that sometimes seems absolutely anxious to put heaping platefuls of smartly flavored, vitamin-rich greens on the table at the very time (winter) that most other salad plants have long since given up the ghost.

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