Ripen Green Tomatoes Using Newspaper Wrap

Ripen green tomatoes using newspaper wrap, this easy method places green tomatoes between sheets of newspaper and only takes a daily check to see when green tomatoes are ripened.

| April/May 2000

Learn this easy method to ripen green tomatoes using a simple newspaper wrap. 

We're always reading about wrapping green tomatoes individually in paper to ripen them for canning and eating. Up here in northern Maine, we're lucky if we get any ripe tomatoes outside before frost. If I had to wrap and check on each fruit when trying to ripen green tomatoes, I'd go mad. My solution is to spread layers of newspaper on the floor, place the tomatoes on top (they shouldn't touch each other) and then cover them with more layers. It takes just a few minutes every day to check for ripeness or rot.

Gale L. Flagg
Fort Kent, ME
(Country Lore, March 1975)

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