Reduce Your Trash by More Than 50 Percent

| 9/2/2015 9:34:00 AM

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What if you could cut your household waste in half... before you even recycled a single can?

According to a 2013 report from the EPA, 14.6 percent of America's trash was food wastes, another 13.5 percent was yard trimmings, 6.2 percent was wood and 27 percent was composed of paper and cardboard. The remaining 38.7 percent was mostly comprised of glass, plastic, metals, and other non-biodegradable materials.

When most people think about composting, they think about pitching their coffee grounds and banana peels into a bin... yet if you really took advantage of Nature's system, you can compost a LOT more than that!

Dairy, bones, bread, ramen noodles... those sorts of things hit the trashcan, rather than the compost bin, thanks to the restrictive rules we're used to hearing from most authorities. Out of all your food scraps, you're probably only returning half to the soil. So... perhaps 7 percent of your waste?

Ridiculous! We can do a lot better than that! We can reduce waste by 50 percent!

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