6 Ways to Recycle Plastic Plant Pots

| 7/15/2016 10:37:00 AM

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plastic plant pot

Don’t just throw away those plastic pots your plants came in! Here are our six favorite ways to reuse and recycle plant pots.

1. Plant halo.

Take an old plastic pot and cut off the bottom. Push it partway into the soil, and then plant your tomato inside. When you water the plant, the pot will retain the moisture and let it gradually soak into the soil at the roots.

You can also add more potting soil or compost into the halo when you plant to encourage more roots to grow from the buried part of the stem. This will provide more nutrients and support for the plant.

2. Planting guide when potting into a larger container.

When repotting a plant into a larger container, first add some potting soil to the new container. Place an empty plastic plant pot the same size as the smaller, original one into the middle of the container, and then continue to fill around it. Remove the pot to leave a hole just the right size for your plant.

3. DIY bug hotel.

Stuff a pot with short lengths of bamboo cane, hollow stems, twigs, or corrugated cardboard, and then site the DIY bug hotel on its side in a safe, sheltered spot.

3/5/2018 10:01:53 AM

Love these ideas.

12/9/2016 11:31:43 PM

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7/19/2016 7:34:56 AM

Really good ideas. I usually re-use old plastic pots to start seedlings or to transplant some flowers indoors, before I can plant them in the garden. I really like the bug hotel idea. I'll definitely try it out and I'll even share it with some of my clients. Desiree @ http://www.gardeningserviceslondon.co.uk/

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