Re-Greening My Thumb

| 11/16/2010 12:36:32 PM

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My friends who grow food have spent the last month preparing their gardens for the winter: pulling up spent tomato and okra plants, picking the last of the kale, raking and composting leaves, cutting back perennials, digging up tender bulbs and planting hardier ones like garlic. Some have been canning and pickling their veggies to eat all winter long. No matter the size of their gardens, they are wrapping up this summer’s abundance and anticipating another growing cycle in the spring.

Unlike my green-thumbed friends, I ended this summer a bit disappointed at managing my yard and growing food.

In 2010, I took on a remodel  of both my bathroom and my kitchen, along with other “smaller” projects such as refinishing the heatherfloresphotowood floors.  (Not recommended.) Late this summer, I realized I had to focus on the interior of my house in order to get these projects finished — and to restore my own sanity.  And that’s when I had to let go of my hopes of growing my own food this year.

But now that my bathroom and kitchen are not only functional and eco-friendly, but gorgeous (pictures and information coming in the new year!), I can renew my commitment to try again. Time to give some love to my double-lot that has been waiting patiently for my attention.

For inspiration, I revisited my interview with Heather Flores, author and farmer behind the movement to grow food, not lawns (pictured at right).

Listen to my conversation with Heather this past April: 

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