Protect Plants From Wind, Rains and Frost in the Garden

Protect plants from wind, rains and frost in the garden in early spring using walls and fences, living curtains, diverting run-off, raised beds, terracing, mulch, cover cropping and bed protectors.

| March/April 1987

Garden beds protecting plants

Raised beds incorporate elements of both landscaping and gardening and are favored by MOTHER'S staff.


Protect your plants from the elements in early spring. Learn about the best methods used to protect plants in the garden. 

Protect Plants From Wind, Rains and Frost in the Garden

The urge to knead the soil with our hands and tools, to coax and nurse life from the earth, has been fueled by months spent scanning seed catalogs. We're spring's impatient gardeners anxious to get growing.

March winds won't hear of it. They dry out transplants like laundry on the clothesline. They chill and tear tender stems and roots.

Then April rains drown plants, cool and compact the ground, bruise seedlings, and wash out seedbeds.

And, in a final holding action, May frosts pass their cold judgment on early gardening hopes. In one still night, they fell seedlings that represent weeks of nurturing.

Spring gardening is back yard gambling: The sooner we act, the worse our chances. But while no gardener can eliminate bad weather, everyone can take steps, large and small, that will protect plants and greatly reduce the misfortune that foul wind, rain, and cold bring.

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