Protect Melons from Voles and Other Critters

Melon plants can be tricky to grow, especially if pests become an issue. Try raising the fruits off the ground with recycled plastic containers to deter mice and voles.

| June/July 2016

Protect Melons

Raise your melon fruits off the ground by just a few inches to protect them from melon-hungry critters.

Photo by arinahabich/Fotolia

A few years ago, I was growing muskmelons in my garden. Before they ripened, however, I discovered that mice or voles had chewed through the rinds on their undersides and ruined the melon plants. The following year, I set each young melon atop a recycled plastic container.

I used yogurt and sour cream containers, as well as small, plastic plant containers from garden centers. I trimmed the containers down to about 3 inches tall so the melons could easily balance on top. Simply raising the melons a few inches off the ground protected every single one, and I had a much more successful harvest!

Julie Humiston
Medina, Minnesota

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