How to Get Rid of Fungus Gnats

Mosquito Bits, a popular mosquito-control product, has been approved for fungus gnat control.

| August/September 2013

Have you noticed tiny insects buzzing around your houseplants or seedlings? If so, you’re likely dealing with fungus gnats. Instead of waging a counterattack with a miniature fly swatter, you can take a simpler avenue on how to get rid of fungus gnats. 

Mosquito Bits, a popular natural pest control product that kills mosquito larvae, has been approved by the Environmental Protection Agency for the control of fungus gnats. Shake the Mosquito Bits onto the potting soil in container-grown plants. Watering the plants will release the natural bacteria (Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis, or BTI) in the Mosquito Bits. Fungus gnat larvae will feed on the BTI and kick the bucket. Mosquito Bits are available at home and garden centers, hardware stores, and online at the Summit Chemical company's website.

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10/15/2015 5:48:56 PM

Excellent article here. Thank you. Houseflies can be really annoying indeed. Even a homemade fly trap would do the trick. Check out There is a great recipe for a great homemade fly trap that we would highly recommend using.

8/29/2015 1:46:07 AM

Awesome, I really love the idea of using a natural pest control product and "Mosquito bits" looks perfect for me. We have a severe gnat problem in our backyard. Earlier I had read that basil deters gnats but somehow it doesn't works in our case. On contrary, I think gnats love basil :( I had also read about using biological nematodes here ( Wold love to test them too. Thanks! Sonia

8/7/2013 10:54:03 AM

I wonder if I were to add a bit of my homemade kefir to some water, if that would also take care of the gnats.  It's loaded with even more strains of good bacteria, of which the mosquito bits has only one of.  It would be worth a try.  Has anyone else tried kefir?

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