Garden Design Permanence: Permanent Agriculture Map of Outlying Areas

This design for permanent agriculture map of outlying areas uses permaculture concepts for planting according to your land, including beehives, trees and chicken and goat friendly areas.

| September/October 1982


Permanent agriculture map of outlying areas.[11] Elderberry/blackberry patch, bush-hogged in autumn, strip-mulched with old carpet and sawdust to create rows within existing thicket, elderberries transplanted from other patches[12] Beehives.[19] Mixed tree crops (black walnut, American persimmon, and paulownia) spaced for easy haymaking between rows.[20] Old pond area (kept relatively wild): bee forage (alder, willow, mountain mint, garen hyssop, Vitex negundo ) encouraged, small aquaculture pond established.[21] Pastureland: goat and chicken forage crops plus drop forage from honey locust, American persimmon, and sawtooth oak (trees require fencing for protection from goats).


An illustration of the concept of permanent agriculture and planting for outlying areas. 

Garden Design Permanence: Permanent Agriculture Map of Outlying Areas

Looking over the design for permanence map will provide an opportunity to make observations about your own piece of property. This shows a permanent agriculture map of outlying areas and the types of crops and trees to plant in this type of garden design. We believe these ideas can be applied to any area, whether it be in the country or the city.

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