Permaculture Gardening, Part 4

| 3/31/2014 8:35:00 AM

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Building Layered Garden Beds

Last summer (2013) we read about building garden beds using a layering system. This entailed making layers of logs/sticks, cardboard/paper, compost, soil, dung and straw.

Front bed

The idea is that the logs/sticks break down and replace nutrients into the bed. The cardboard and paper hold moisture. The compost and dung improve the soil immediately by adding organic matter and the straw acts like a mulch, suppressing weeds, slowing evaporation and stopping erosion of the soil by the wind.

We have one area in our front garden where there is natural shade in the Summer. Trees have grown along the outside of the fence and we have an almond tree inside. In the summer the leaves give shade and in the winter the bare branches allows the sunlight to stream down.

Correctly Site Compost Bins

Originally we placed our compost bins here, but we soon found that they were in the wrong place. Too far away from the growing area of our garden meant that energy was used walking around the garden to place anything in it. We decided to build a layered bed here instead, hoping that the shade the trees produce will help our crops in the summer when the heat is around 40 degrees.

Raised bed (2)

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