Permaculture Garden Observation

| 2/26/2014 9:51:00 AM

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Where we began: before permaculture.

Side of pool and garden

This is how the side garden looked 3 years ago. If you look at the wall you can see there is quite a slope on the garden. It also slopes from right to left, the left side being lower. Over the last 3 years during heavy storms we have seen the rainwater run down the garden diagonally so it floods the left hand corner of the garden.

One of the things that we decided to do here (before the days of our permaculture journey) was to build terracing. We had lots of rocks available to us, from having the swimming pool built, and it just made sense to use these rocks.

We do everything by hand…so it is a slow process. First the rocks have to be dug out of the pool mound. Then they have to be sorted into size and moved into the garden. Next the wall is built and then the top soil has to be burrowed into the terrace.

Maisie Terrace

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