Gardening in the Pacific Northwest

A region with lush greenery, rain aplenty, mild seasons, gray days, no shortage on slugs, and some of the best soil in the country comes with many challenges — and many opportunities. Gardening in the Pacific Northwest means cool-weather crops such as greens, root crops and cabbage-family crops will generally thrive, but you may have to take extra care to get high yields of heat-loving crops such as tomatoes and peppers. Starting these summer crops plenty early indoors can give you a jump start. Pacific Northwest Gardening Region map new

Giving cool-weather crops an early start in spring and keeping a later planting going into fall and winter can be easier in the Northwest gardening region because winters are typically mild. Try cold frames, low tunnels or a hoop house for all-season growing (these resources on year-round gardening can help).

Get a leg up on common garden pests in the Northwest by following these tips on organic slug control and organic aphid control

Pacific Northwest Gardening Groups 

Some of the best gardening advice about the Pacific Northwest comes from gardening groups, universities and extension offices in the region. Browse these sites for more information:

Oregon Tilth