What New Fruit or Vegetable Variety are You Most Excited About Growing This Year?

| 2/10/2010 4:05:16 PM

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In most parts of the country, all we can do with our garden right now is dream about it. But many seed companies have already released information about the new varieties of fruits and veggies they'll be offering this year. Or maybe you just got your hands of some fantastic heirloom seeds from a neighbor or relative? Is there a variety of fruit or veggie that you plan to try growing this year that you've never tried before? Which one are you most excited about and why? Please share with our readers in the comments section below.

Keri Cady_1
3/4/2010 1:31:14 PM

Jake I don't know where you are located but I live in Central Florida and growing greens are the easiest. You can buy plants or grow by seeds. I find they are hardy. I grow them either on my north or south side. Just fertilize and water and watch them grow. I just pick the leaves as I need them not the whole plant and they regrow quickly. I am growing pumpkin and winter squash this year.

3/1/2010 1:49:42 PM

The Pink Blueberry!!!

2/18/2010 11:30:40 AM

Chufas. I found a book stating what vegies Colonial Americans grew in their gardens and had to "google" what Chufas are. Apparently they are a ground nut/tuber that the Spanish use to make a coconut tasting drink called Horache (that I've enjoyed at Mexican restaraunts). It took some searching but I found that they are used for snacks as well and are primarily grown today to feed wildlife (turkeys, racoons, etc.) I bought some seed tubers and I'm trying them in both pots, beds, and in the chicken run. Other than for wildlife, I haven't seen them in any seed catalogue, but hey, I think it might be fun and the chickens might like them too.

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