Natural Lawn Care: Fertilizers, Pest and Weed Control, and Mowing Tips

Keep your lawn green in more than one way with these natural lawn care methods, including environmentally-friendly fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, and sustainable mowing methods.

| June/July 1992

There is much misunderstanding about the use of the word organic. When it comes to using the word in relation to natural lawn care, misunderstanding becomes outright confusion. Many people depend heavily on the use of chemical pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers to keep lawns healthy. These chemicals, however, can cause damage to plants that are not being sprayed but are in the vicinity, can cause harm to passing or resident animals, and in extreme cases can cause soil and water pollution if they are overused or used improperly.

It has been said that where these chemicals are used by many residents, they can enter into the food or water supply and become a direct danger to people's health. For these reasons, it's important that we keep our lawn care methods as natural and organic as possible.

Natural Fertilizers

In the case of fertilizing, there are many products and procedures that can be considered organic and natural:

1. Simply cut your lawn without a bag and leave the clippings to feed the lawn. Or better yet, use an up-to-date mulching mower to grind the grass up to usable proportions for your lawns.

2. Use ground manure in light and regular amounts, since just leaving the clippings does not provide enough of the major and micro-nutrients to keep a lawn at peak condition.

3. If manure is not available, then use minimally processed sewage, another natural form of fertilizer (in most cases there is no other use for the substance and there is a lot of it produced naturally on a regular basis!).

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Good information. I agree that a proper mowing schedule is one of the most important steps you can take to reduce weeds. And I recently read a study by Michigan State University that showed mulching maple or oak leaves will result in an 80% reduction in dandelions in the lawn. You can read more here:

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