National Survey of Top Tomato Varieties

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National Survey of Top Tomato Varieties

We conducted an online survey asking readers about the tomato varieties that grow best where they live. More than 2,000 people responded, telling us their favorite varieties and offering helpful tomato-growing tips. You can read the summer in this article: The Best Tomatoes to Grow Where You Live

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National Survey of Most Productive Garden Crops


There is no question these days that homegrown food is better tasting, more nutritious, more eco-friendly and often more affordable than supermarket fare. Many people are expanding their gardens, and there is renewed interest in finding the best crops that are efficient to grow, prepare and preserve — and that families will enjoy. Choosing crops that best fit regional growing conditions is essential to a vegetable garden’s success, but what are the top garden crops for each region of the country?

To find the answers, Mother Earth News is invited gardeners all across North America to participate in a one-of-a-kind national online survey to rate the garden-to-table performance of over 70 major and minor vegetables, from arugula to watermelon. We have identified which food plants excel in different climates, and reported on plant performance trends that may be unique to organic, sustainably-managed gardens in The Best Crops for Your Garden

Completing the 20-minute survey can be a learning experience in itself, because it will force you to take a critical look at your pet and problem crops. When you finish you will be able to see the tabulated results from hundreds of American gardeners, including many members of the renowned Seed Savers Exchange.

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Thanks for helping us collect this unique information about how gardeners rate the most productive crops for American gardens.

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The rating scale is 1 to 4: Larger numbers are better!

Join the Garden Advisory Group

This crop survey has worked out so well that it has sparked ideas for more ways of using the survey process to improve our future gardening articles. We’ve decided to start a new Mother Earth News Garden Advisory Group. To sign up, simply click here and fill in your e-mail address.