Morgan the Wonder Dog Can Read My Mind

| 8/20/2010 8:53:26 AM

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By Cam Mather

Shortly after moving to Sunflower Farm, some friends from the city offered us a dog. They decided he was too “spirited” for life in the city. He’s a Shetland Sheepdog, also known as a “Sheltie”. So we stopped by the next time we were in the city and met him. Michelle and our daughters took to him right away, and even I liked him, which was a big step since I grew up with parents who hated all animals. Cats, dogs, beavers, you name it, they had nothing good to say about them. Consequently I grew up in a household without pets. Michelle had grown up with pets and had convinced me to get a cat a while back so I was kind of conditioned.

I liked the idea of having a dog at our country property. As I discuss in the security section of “Thriving During Challenging Times” when your nearest neighbors are 3 miles away, a dog is a good idea.

So Morgan arrived and hasn’t stopped running since. When our friends’ son first bought Morgan from a breeder, he was told that Shelties make “fine apartment dogs.” Knowing Shelties as I do now, I can’t imagine anyone thinking a member of this breed would be happy living in an apartment! His DNA says, “chase sheep.” Eventually the son gave Morgan to his parents, since they have a fenced in backyard in suburbia. But even the fenced in backyard was not big enough for Morgan, who spent the day barking at the birds and the bugs and anything else that moved. The neighbours complained about his barking. So they resorted to leaving him in their laundry room all day while they were at work. The thought of Morgan locked in a laundry room for the day while they were at work depresses me. So they offered Morgan to us and one day they dropped him off. They were concerned that when they left he’d jump back in the van and want to go home with them. But as soon as they began to say their goodbyes and headed towards their van, Morgan ran the opposite direction. We took this as a good sign that he was happy to stay here.

Morgan is mostly an outside dog, by choice. In the early spring he starts choosing to sleep outside and he does so until some time in November when he’ll come in at night by choice. We never tie him up. He hangs around the house and the yard and never leaves the area. Shelties have thick fur coats, with two layers of fur, so he’s happy just lying on snow in the winter.

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