‘Lucky’ Young Farmers

| 6/17/2015 11:41:00 AM

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On Farmers Markets and Luck

As I drive up to the farmers market, I put my game face on. Here we go. This time I’m selling out. I’m gonna sweet talk some old ladies with some killer recipes, wink at middle-aged men when their wives aren’t watching, and tell the new mommies how good our food is for their special little angels who have just put half-eaten popsicles on my lettuce and spit out my broccoli at other customers. I will do it all with grace and poise and I will sell every single thing.

I’m doing well, the market is in full swing and I've got them eating out of my dirt-laden hands. I've avoided jaw drops at my prices with some sustainability education and I've navigated the neediness of a particularly grumpy woman hell-bent on spreading her condition. I've had my fair share of dedicated supporters, feeding my soul as I continue the march to noon and even a few people who throw in an extra dollar as a thank you.

Sweet victory is in sight and it happens: “Oh my gawwwd! I would LOVE to be a farmer. That must be the most peaceful, perfect life. You are so lucky!”

Lucky? I do my best to stop my involuntary twitching eye, crazy face and bite my tongue. “Oh yes, we are so lucky.”

It’s true enough, my husband and I have been pretty lucky. Starting a small business that has, for the most part, served as a sufficient cushion for our wellbeing during a time when our trade isn't seen as necessarily essential. Two landless, wannabe farmers finding a path, finding support, and tirelessly plugging away at managing farms, jumping the hoops to buy a piece of land, advertising our wares, and educating the population has definitely benefited from some serendipity and luck. Luck isn't what got us through excess rains that flooded our fields and washed away our nutrients. Luck didn't seed, transplant, trellis, and pick all of these tomatoes. Luck is certainly in the picture, but is not the picture itself.

6/24/2015 2:48:17 PM

Such a well written blog. Keep up the hard work on the farm and at the computer. Looking forward to reading more.

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