Legacy of Jaime Hines

| 3/24/2014 9:42:00 AM

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Jaime Hines

Legacy is defined as something that is received from or transmitted by a predecessor.

When it comes to the word legacy, many of us might think of what we wish to leave behind once we are gone. After losing a dear friend a few days ago, I have pondered the word legacy and have a new found understanding of its meaning and symbolism. I wrote a blog post last summer titled, Children in the Garden in honor of my vibrant friend who was battling cancer. Jaime Hines was a remarkable woman and a wonderful mother. She dedicated her life to teaching others about sustainability. Throughout her 5 year battle with cancer, Jaime lived, loved and inspired more than most will do in a lifetime. She was a wild hearted woman with a heart of gold, a gentle spirit and a brilliant mind. She taught hundreds of children how to grow their own food and has inspired thousands of individuals throughout her journey. She did some very special work during her time on earth. Her family and friends will continue her life's work through every future sustainable endeavor we take part in from here on. Everyone who knew her adored her. She was sweet, loving, and compassionate. She will be forever heavy on the hearts and in the minds of all those who were honored to know her. She truly made this world a better place. She left the world with the howling wind on a full moon just after midnight on March 16th. Her legacy will be carried out by all those dear to her. My husband and I wrote a simple song for Jaime.

From this point forward I will continue to be an advocate for the Earth, to help protect the land and the living organisms, to create a living legacy through my own intrinsic moral obligation to the earth as well as to ensure that Jaime’s legacy will be carried on through seeds of hope.

The person Jaime was inspired everyone around her to be a little more like her as they walk this journey on earth.

In attempt to be more like the virtuous woman she was, I have prepared this mantra:

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