Lawn Disease not Grubs Causing Brown Spots

Lawn disease, not grubs may be the cause of brown spots on your lawn.

| May/June 1987

Lawn disease brown spots

I suspect that the previous owners used lots of chemicals, and when you cut back, your lawn went through a withdrawal stage, during which it was weakened and susceptible to diseases.


My problem is grubs. 

When I bought my home four years ago, I also bought the best-looking lawn on the block. The previous owners, a retired couple, had worked that yard all day every day. I decided to make it even better, so I sprinkled some compost from my back yard pile (one cubic foot of leaves and table scraps) on the less luxuriant places. 

The next year, brown spots appeared where I had applied the compost. Although I saw no grubs, I figured that's what it had to be, so I sprayed the areas with nicotine. To no avail: The compost-treated grass finally died completely. 

The next year, the brown spots appeared again. Again, nicotine didn't faze the grubs. 

Last year I reseeded my lawn. It was beautiful—until July, when (you guessed it) the same brown spots showed up. 

This year I'm considering cementing in the entire yard and having the best-looking patio on the block. Before I do, any ideas? I can't see it being lack of water; I water almost every day.  

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