Four 'Holy Moly I'm Freezing' Keys to Gardening Success

| 11/29/2013 9:35:00 AM

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What are you doing inside at the computer? It's time to get outside and get gardening!

Why? Because what you do right now may lead to next year's gardening success iced blueberries... or failure.

There are four things you need to get outside and do on whatever days you aren't buried in snow. Take my advice and your spring garden will be smashing.

What four things? I'm glad you asked.

Gather Tons of Leaves!

In some parts of the country, it might be almost too late for gathering leaves, but in some areas, there are still plenty lying around for the taking. Roadside paper bags stuffed with leaves? Grab them. A neighbor about to burn a huge pile? Help them throw the pile over your fence instead. Trees work really hard to make those leaves, gathering lots of nutrients from the soil as they do. Get them for your yard. You're going to want them for the next step.

Build a Compost Bin and Make Compost!

Your bin doesn't have to be anything brilliant. A ring of wire works as well as a lovely hand-crafted sustainably harvested cedar lumber model with sterling silver handles. Or you can do what I did once: gut a refrigerator, lay it on its back, and voila! Compost bin!

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