Tips to Keep Pests Out of the Garden

Learn about these helpful tips to keep pests out of the garden, includes information on repelling cats, rabbits, rodents and ants out of the garden.

| April/May 2000

These helpful tips will help you keep pests out of the garden. 

To keep cats, rabbits or other rodents out of your garden or flower bed, sprinkle cayenne pepper on the perimeter of the area you want protected. One whiff, and these critters will not be the least bit interested and you'll keep pests out of the garden.

Use bird feeders to help eliminate the ant population in your yard by positioning the bird feeder above the ant nest. In a few days the nest will be much reduced.

One last hint: Lemon halves rubbed onto your white porcelain sink will keep it white and free of mold and mildew. After cleaning, let stand for an hour or more before using the sink.

Bindy Beck-Meyer
Novato, CA
(Country Lore, January 1992)

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