June Garden Planner

| 5/20/2014 8:31:00 AM

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June garden bed

June is a beautiful time in the garden. Cool season crops are peaking while summer crops are just starting to produce with herbs in full swing.

What’s Growing in Our Zone 6 Garden Now?

Most of the lettuce I planted end of April are now ready to harvest with all of my spinach and kale bolting. Cabbage and broccoli heads are forming so harvest is close for them. Be sure to keep consistent moisture to them. Don’t worry about insect damage to the leaves on cabbage and broccoli as long as the heads are forming nicely. A little insect damage will not affect the quality of the head produced.

The rosemary, sage, chives, savory, oregano, basil, lavender and thyme are filling out nicely. Cilantro, a cool season herb, has bolted. The dill and fennel have nice feathery heads.

Tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, squash, and eggplant are growing with flowers on them all. Keep an eye out for cucumber beetles and caterpillars. Just pluck them off and throw into a can of soapy water. 

Strawberries are almost ripe for the picking.

5/23/2014 7:36:14 PM

I just found some other great gardening tips at http://www.agrilicious.org/education/organic-gardening-tips

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