To Industrial Corn, We're Addicted!

| 8/18/2010 3:54:12 PM

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 “A low-quality meat and sweetener, a shoddy alternative car fuel, an agrarian crisis visited upon our neighbor to the south ... that’s more or less the corn crop,” says Tom Philpott, Grist food editor.

For the complete article, see Why are we propping up corn production again? 


The crop in the foreground of this photo is soybeans. Corn is the crop seen on the borders of the soybean patch. It’s a beautiful sight repeated over and over again up here in northwest Pennsylvania.

Soybean is the primary crop farmers grow in rotation with corn. Beans add nitrogen to the soil, but even at that, heavy doses of fertilizer and other chemicals (fossil fuels) are required to produce these crops.

According to the National Corn Growers Association, a quarter of U.S. farmland is used to grow corn. Another quarter is used to grow soybeans. The total acreage is the size of Texas. This is because corn and corn byproducts are part of so many other products … many of which are consumed by people.

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