How to Grow Chocolate M&Ms


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Whether you’re encouraging your kids to start gardening or you just want to save money on your grocery bills, growing your own chocolate comes with many sweet benefits.

It's well-known that chocolate M&Ms, a key staple in the American diet, can be a difficult treat to grow, especially getting the fruit to mature with vibrant candy coating and rich flavor. In this video, we explain how to sow and space your chocolate plants correctly, and demonstrate key techniques to ensure you will be harvesting delicious M&Ms throughout the growing season.

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The tool mentioned in the video — our popular Vegetable Garden Planner — can help you map out your garden design, space crops, know when to plant which crops in your exact location, and much more.

4/21/2014 1:21:49 AM

If you plant a green M&M and a yellow M&M, they will cross pollinate and produce blue M&M's. Weird I know, but it happens!

4/5/2014 10:33:52 AM

I wonder if M&Ms cross pollinate with Skittles ?

4/2/2014 10:56:34 PM

The crucial thing to remember when trying to encourage the development of blue M&M's is to ensure you have the appropriate balance of cool shade. This cannot be accomplished with water-cooling. That results in pale coloration and an overly-sweet flavor, forming Skittles. Instead, use palm fronds for both their shade benefit, as well as their utility in generating air movement. My wife and use this method to great effect, though sometimes I get carried away with the fanning, and we get a whole crop of sweet tarts instead.

4/2/2014 8:42:08 PM

Very funny!!

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