How to Greenhouse Garden

Everything you need to know about planning, building, maintaining and gardening in a greenhouse.

| November/December 1976


Learn everything you need to know for successful greenhouse gardening.


Although they're usually considered "luxuries" far beyond the means of ordinary folks, greenhouses are, in fact, wonderful, year-round gardens that can be either as extravagant and costly or as utilitarian and inexpensive as you want to make them.

If rich Uncle Harry plans to lay a $10,000 Christmas present on you this year, there are worse things to ask for than a superlavish "store-bought" greenhouse complete with automatic heaters, ventilating system and plant feeders.

On the other hand, we've seen a really nifty do-it-yourself greenhouse constructed entirely of lumber and old storm windows salvaged from a town dump. Total cost: Fifteen bucks' worth of miscellaneous hardware and less than a week of spare-time labor.

And if space is your problem, remember that a small greenhouse will fit onto a city terrace or a rooftop. There are even mini-models designed to turn an ordinary house or apartment window into a miniature Garden of Eden.  

There's no longer any excuse, then, for thinking that "only the other guy" deserves or can afford some kind of greenhouse. Someway, somehow, you can afford one too! And if you like to garden (or if you have to garden to make ends meet), you deserve this so-called luxury just as much as anyone else does!

So here's a Christmas bonus: Mother Earth News' Complete Manual for the Greenhouse Grower. Twelve pages packed with excerpts and summaries from some of the world's best books on the subject (plus a few of our own tips and hints), all designed to acquaint you with the basics of "gardening under glass."

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