Honoring the Seasons Through Land-Based Living

| 1/25/2016 10:12:00 AM

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Golden, angled light illuminates the curvy Appalachian Mountains outside of Asheville, N.C., where an earth-based educational center makes its home. Natalie Bogwalker, the founder of Wild Abundance, calls out into the valley, “Let’s make the most of the sunlight while we have it!”

She’s teaching a three-day workshop on hide tanning, and it's no coincidence that it's scheduled in November, the harvest season. At Wild Abundance, reconnecting with the land means living and working in sync with the cycles and seasons as they unfold.

For Frank Salzano, a partner at Wild Abundance, the seasons represent a universal, archetypal way of being. “Some might say it’s a medicine wheel, a cycle that happens every day, that happens every year, that happens through our lifetimes.”

Even in the subtropics there is a dry and wet season, a season for fish migration, a season for bird migration. “Everything,” continues Salzano, “follows a seasonal cycle no matter where you are.”

On the medicine wheel, spring represents the east, our infancy, our morning. In the spring we explode with new growth and energy. Summertime represents the south, our adolescence, our afternoon. In the summer we labor and work with the abundance of nature and the land. Fall represents the west, our adulthood, our sunset. In the fall we harvest, we start to settle down, we offer our gratitude, we feast with our family and community.

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