Make a Homemade Compost Tumbler for the Garden

Build your own homemade compost tumbler out of a plastic garbage can. A plastic trash can drilled with holes and secured with nuts and bolts will make great compost on the cheap.

| October/November 2000

This affordable homemade compost tumbler makes good quality compost for your garden. 

I wanted one of those nifty (and expensive) compost tumblers, but the price of the product always stopped me in my tracks. So my husband and I decided to build our own homemade compost tumbler using things we had around the house. We found a plastic trash can and drilled holes all over the can. We also drilled four holes in the rim of the lid and secured it with four nuts and bolts.

I just add my compost ingredients to the can and mix them by kicking the can over and turning it. Our tumbler was cheap to make and is easy to use. Best of all, we have finished, usable compost in several weeks.

M. Terifay
Fleetwood, PA

12/25/2007 9:45:00 PM

Thank you so much! I was also considering buying an expensive tumbler. Instead I will try your idea! Thanks for sharing!

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