Information and Advice on Home Garden Greenhouses

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If you’re looking for information on home garden greenhouses — building your own or finding new and innovative ways to utilize the one you have — look no further. We’ve assembled this collection of greenhouse articles from our archives so you could easily find all of them.

How to Build a Greenhouse from Used Windows or Storm Doors Building a greenhouse can be inexpensive if you use recycled doors or windows. And a small greenhouse is a great way to grow a few vegetables right through the coldest months of the year.

Expert Advice for Greenhouse Growing You’ll be amazed by the many uses of a backyard greenhouse. Not only can you use it to grow crops in cold weather to extend the growing season, you can also use it to provide food and shelter for poultry or livestock. A greenhouse is also a great place to put worm bins.

Earth-sheltered Greenhouse Triple the length of your growing season with this simple, energy-efficient design.

Choosing a Greenhouse How to garden year-round with a greenhouse, including glazing, polyethylene films, acrylic, fiberglass, glass, polycarbonate and  laying a solid foundation.

Will’s Mini-Greenhouse Build a small wooden structure for plants. Including diagrams, materials list and instructions.

Mother’s Portable Garden Room Remodel a house trailer into a greenhouse. Includes diagrams and instructions.

Designing and Building a Recycled Greenhouse Use plastic bottles, aluminum cans and elbow grease to build a greenhouse.

Cut on a Hot Tin Roof How to make an attractive, efficient solar greenhouse out of an old tin shed. Produce food year-round.

Seasons of the Garden Maintaining a hot compost pile in a home greenhouse doesn’t have to be a chore and can increase the yield and vigor of the plants.

Cold Frames

A Garden For All Seasons Forget those blanched, out-of season tomatoes and wilted, travel-weary heads of lettuce lining your grocery store shelves. Whether you live in Maine, Montana or Mississippi, you can reap fresh produce straight from the garden year-round. Let planting guru Eliot Coleman show you how to beat the seasons.

Winter Garden: Cold Frame, Hot Bed, Small Greenhouse Economical greenhouses from the Have-More Plan.

Low-cost, Versatile Hoop Houses How to extend your growing season and earn up to $25,000 an acre. Includes building a hoophouse and row covers.

Use Cold Frames to Grow More Food Providing a warm and protected space in your garden for spring seeds will allow you to get a head start on your gardening season.

Extend Your Growing Season You can make an amazing array of season-stretching garden gear from found or recycled materials, and you won’t have to rely on electric grow lights to get delectable spring greens in time for Easter or have the first ripe tomatoes on your block.

Cold Frame Gardening Planting success with a cold frame. Includes design and construction, management, irrigation and crop rotation.

Mother’s Deluxe Four-season Cold Frame Feeds a family of four from just 18 square feet!

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