US Households Grow Home Food Gardens

| 10/8/2010 9:47:27 AM

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We asked you recently what percentage of people in the U.S. you would guess grow a food garden. Nearly half of you guessed that the answer was 10 percent or less. Here are the complete results:

gardne_markerWithout looking it up, what percentage of people living in the U.S. would you guess grow a food garden?  

1. Probably 10 percent or less. It seems the norm is relying on supermarkets for food, and so many people live in the city these days. 47.49% (199 votes)   

2. I’d guess around 20 percent. 32.7% (137 votes)  

3. About 30 to 40 percent. 13.37% (56 votes)   

4. I think it’s 50 percent or more. The local food movement has really been gaining traction, and it seems more and more people are growing at least some of their own food. 6.44% (27 votes)   

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