Seasons of the Garden: Asian Vegetables, Heirloom Vegetables and More

Add variety to your garden with oriental vegetables and heirloom varieties, such as the White Cushaw pumpkin.

| May/June 1982

The life-bringing hand of spring has worked its magic in the garden and carefully shaped beds now present a living mosaic of vibrant greens. Sample the first produce, and — in doing so — reclaim some of the energy you've put into your soil. Then spend healing hours among the rows, remembering that the gardener's footsteps are the world's best fertilizer.


Compact Packets of Seeds

Now that the first flush of seed ordering, garden planning, and planting is pretty much over, many folks have undoubtedly had a few second thoughts about this year's garden. It seems that there are always varieties we want to try but somehow don't get around to ordering, plantings of saved seeds that don't germinate as well as we expected them to and unused corners of the growing ground that could easily hold just a couple of plants.


Of course, it'd be wasteful to order a packet of 200 seeds when you really need only five or 10 (especially if the seeds are of a type that doesn't "keep" well), so the last-minute "by chance" planting opportunities are often missed. Well, a trio of seed merchants must have thought that was a pity, because they've come up with a thrifty answer to the "feast or famine" problem: the compact packet.

Le Jardin du Gourmet, Pine-tree Seeds and the Broom Seed Company are all offering small, inexpensive packages of seed that are just the ticket for late-season plantings. Prices range from 20¢ to 50¢ per packet.


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