Harvesting Garlic

| 8/8/2017 12:00:00 AM

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Garlic is a plant that never stops growing. We plant it in the fall and, in the north, it grows quietly under the snow during the winter. Once the snow melts, we see it poking up out of the ground ready to make its summertime push.


It sends up a stalk and leaves and begins to flower; that’s the scapes that we cut off and stir-fry in late June. This encourages the plants to send all of their remaining energy down to the bulbs, our crop. When there are four green leaves left, it’s time to harvest the garlic.

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At this point, pull out the garlic and tie them in bundles of eight. Be careful to stagger the bulbs so that they will all be exposed to the air. Hang them in a covered, breezy spot. A porch or outside shed is ideal.

Long Garlic Drying Upright

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