Using Hair Clippings as a Natural Plant Fertilizer

A hair salon owner produces a 3-year-old lily with 68 buds and blossoms by using hair clippings as a natural plant fertilizer.

| February/March 2002

A lily is grown using hair clippings as a natural plant fertilizer, producing a lily plant with 68 buds and blossoms on it! 

I'm sending you this picture because its so amazing. I have a hair salon, and I've been using hair clippings as a natural plant fertilizer around my lilies and roses for years now. The lily in this picture is 3 years old. It has 68 buds and blossom, on it! The average for my lilies is 12 to 24 buds and blossoms, at most. My clients couldn't believe their eyes, and the smell was like heaven. I take pictures of this lily every day. Please let me know what your magazine thinks about this.

Diana Wallmans
Sumner, Washington

Great! Hair is made of protein and is rich in nitrogen. It breaks down slowly and makes an excellent natural fertilizer. Many gardeners also use it as a slug and snail repellent. — MOTHER. 

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